Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

there's a bird in the wind

The graffiti on the walls 

and i'm painting like she falls 
On a wet road from asphalt
my bare feet, it's so cold
the words i read they are so old
i dream i'm sitting on a swing
the breeze cuts under my skin.
i can't stop thinking about him ...
the wind brings the smell of zimt 
inside i feel so limited
like a prisoner i feel so sad
The leaves are whirled by the storm
a melodie. it's no longer calm
this place shows me where i belong.
now i'm singing loud my song.
and really nothing feels wrong
although it is like this. 
and i'm strolling the streets along.
now i feel a little bit strong.
a window is open. quiet plays a record player
i'll shine like a rising star
i will forget the things i saw

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